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Another Persona Ai Project GIFF

Gothenburg Film Studios - a good partner

Gothenburg Film Studios is a creator, collaborator and a contributor to varies projects

360 experience concert Wisdome Universeum

Gothenburg Film Studios is a creator, a collaborator and a contributor partner to varies projects like:


360 Experience - Håkan live i New York 2016 - at Wisdome Universeum - in Gothenburg 

A cinematic concert experience in 360 with an incredible sound mix. Virtually live!


Most recent we participated at the 47th Göteborg Film Festival with the following projects:

Another Persona 

A cinematic experiment initiated by Gothenburg Film Festival and created by Gothenburg Film Studios. An Ai-generated version of Ingmar Bergman's Persona, in which Liv Ullman's character Elisabeth Vogler has been replaced by Finnish actor Alma Pöisti's face. This bold cinematic experiment was a collaboration with SF Studios and The Ingmar Bergman Foundation and was shown only once - a one and only - unique screening at the emblematic cinema Draken. 


The Riot / Sulis - original titel

CO Operator to the film production company GötaFilm; CO producer (among others like Film i Väst) together with Storyline NOR. The Norwegian film The Riot/Sulis had its' Swedish premiere during the festival and is now distributed at Swedish cinemas by SF Studios.



The most prestigious Swedish shorts competition. 8 nominated films competing for 440 000 sek in cash, rental equipment and film production related services. Gothenburg Film Studios is one of the contributors.