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Another Persona Ai Project GIFF


Inhouse developed AI face-tool

We have been an early adopter within AI production with an inhouse developed method concept ”Facetool”.  The cinematic experiment project Another Persona is an example of our most recent collaboration .

Another persona was initiated by Gothenburg Film Festival and created by Gothenburg Film Studios in collaboration with Istudios Visuals. An Ai-generated version of Ingmar Bergman's Persona was created, in which Liv Ullman's character Elisabeth Vogler was replaced by Finnish actor Alma Pöisti's face. This bold cinematic experiment was a collaboration at the 47th Gothenburg Film Festival with SF Studios and The Ingmar Bergman Foundation and was shown only once - a one and only - unique screening at the emblematic cinema Draken. 

Another example is the short film Grab Them, directed by Morgane Dziurla Petit, where the main character Sally has big trouble finding love since her face look exactly the same as the former president of the USA.


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