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Kinemalab vp workshop

Kinema Lab

A resource- and meeting place for film and XR project development

XR-lab activity at Gothenburg Film Studios


Kinema Lab is not just a resource center but also a dynamic meeting place for all who share an interest for film, moving images and XR format. Here, we provide an inspiring environment where filmmakers aged 16 to 29 (or beyond) from the Västra Götaland region can develop their ideas and skills.

We support not only traditional film production but also the exploration of new techniques such as Extended Reality (XR) and Virtual Production (VP). Whether you need access to professional equipment, film studios or want to experiment  in our lab environment with others who share the same interest around XR format we offer resources during your development phase or for your project.

Our studio, Studio 4, is a versatile space that welcomes all film-related projects. From work-in-progress screenings to castings, rehearsals, meetings, film screenings or talks you are welcome to contact us for further information.

Workshop do it yourself virtual production

Kinema Lab is the result of collaboration and support from the Västra Götaland region, the City of Gothenburg, and our partners in the film industry, including Storyline Sweden and Gothenburg Filmstudios AB. We strive to create an inclusive and stimulating platform where people from different backgrounds can development themselves in the world of film.

For further information check out our website: