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Production Services

Two decades of excellence in Production Services

We provide comprehensive support across the entire production chain, encompassing research, location scouting, local crew coordination, equipment procurement, transport logistics, craft services, etc.

Research: Initiate your project with the benefits of thorough research. 

Location Scouting: Identify the ideal backdrop for your narrative with our specialized knowledge of the western part of Sweden, including the scenic West Coast and its islands. Allow us to thoroughly scout locations that not only complement your storyline but also add a touch of local authenticity to your visual narrative. We can also handle the permits needed for the shoot. 

Local Crew: Experience the advantages and knowledge of a skilled and dedicated local crew. Our extensive network values professionals with a thorough understanding of the region. 

Equipment: Our preferred rental house partner offers complete camera packages, light and grip equipment that will serve you perfectly for all types of productions. 

Transport: Our in-house professionals can coordinate transportation logistics, ensuring the smooth movement of personnel and equipment to and from locations. 

Craft Service: Appreciate our renowned craft partner who will deliver to your production.

Give us a call or send us an email and we'll discuss further how our tailored production services can help your production move forward in the best way.


We offer a variety of studios, spanning from 900 sqm to 60 sqm

Studio 1

Studio 1

900 sqm. Our biggest studio with the biggest flexibility. Spans 35,5m x 25,5m, column free, with 9m to the ceiling. Black ceiling, black walls and grey concrete floor. Semi acoustically treated. Three fourths of the room has fixed trusses to sub-rig from, the last quarter of the room has eight motorized hoists for easy rigging. 4m high and 4m wide load in doors and a 100 sqm adjacent storage/pre-rigg area. Studio 1 also includes a 300 sqm production area with 3 private rooms, Make-up and Costume-room and a common green room with capacity for 40-50 people at one time.

Studio spec

Studio 2


350 sqm. Our smaller black box studio with a mezzanine housing in-house storage. Hence studio 2 is divided in one open area with 9m ceiling height, eight motorized hoists for easy rigging, blacked out walls spanning roughly 15m x 20m. The second area underneath our mezzanine is well suited for smaller, intimate, projects. Studio 2 includes an adjacent staff room with pantry and seating for 20-25 people. Studio 2 is semi acoustically treated.

Studio spec

Studio 3


250 sqm. Our Cyclorama studio with its floor-to-wall infinity curve in L-form. Spans 10m x 15m and 6m height. The studio houses a manually controlled truss, structured with six LED Creamsource Sky-fixtures. The Creamsource Sky has hue or saturation controls, white or any color you can imagine. Studio 3 is not acoustically treated.

Studio spec

Studio 4 greenscreen


60 sqm. Our smallest hybrid studio. Studio 4 is equipped with a greenscreen or black backdrop shaped in a horseshoe shape with dimensions 6 m width x 4 m length (spans 6m from wall to wall), pre-lit light rig. Studio 4 is also equipped with hooks for photographic paper backgrounds, a projector and a screen.

Want to know more or book a studio?

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Production office Make up

Production offices

We rent out fully equipped production offices, from single offices to spaces for large and small Film/TV/Commercial projects right by our studios.

We also offer access to production kitchens, laundry rooms, make up lounge, wardrobe storage areas, lounges, prop department, rehearsal space and conference rooms. The production offices can be hired as part of a larger package deal via Production Services, or separately. For more information send an email at:

Offices_Gothenburg Film Studios


The studio area spans 10000 sqm office space and we offer cost efficient multifunctional offices, spanning from small to larger businesses within the cultural creative sector. For further information send us an email at:

Fordon Gothenburg Film Studios


We offer a wide range of rental vehicles for the film business and general public. Our fleet consists of transport vehicles of all sorts and models, as well as regular sedans, mostly hybrid combis. For further information regarding our vehicles please email us at: